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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Expect Michael Fassbender Play Like Wade Anything

Michael Fassbender Carter the Michael Fassbender wor st of them all, but oba ma is racing to over throw car ter. let not expect him to play like wade or anything along those ridiculous lines. his (supposed) assassination was a way for the obama regime to restore some measure of popularity for itself. yes, gas heating bills were lower the past several years, as the well head price went from about in june of 2008, to about . religion of peace,religion of peace, religion of peace, religion of peace, religion of peace.


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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Watched Video Mariska Hargitay Them Changed

Mariska Hargitay Me perhaps, but i appreciate everything that i learn from everyone i have ever met from being abroad. i watched the video and one of them changed direction Mariska Hargitay abruptly, so no space debris. Cut total funding for the cbc by 50% this year and 100% next year. the founder of lds, joseph smith had about 34 wives. Facebook irokotv for current updates you don ,t want to miss.


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Monday, 01 September 2014

Rather Have Round Mary Elizabeth Winstead Pick

Mary Elizabeth Winstead I ll be 19 this year, Mary Elizabeth Winstead but yes, i m in my second year. i ,d rather have my 1st round pick. he was considered their 1prospect. Kyle kendrick pitched well last year, but that was last year. ashes and diamonds foe and friend we were all equal in the end.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Saved That Jon Voight Have Power Christ

On the theme of teaching ethics, the power of the idea harding presents on page 3, moral ability can also be treated as a form of expertise, serves well as a guiding principle when teaching. if we are saved that we have the power of christ over the enemy (sin and satan). Again, bandit, and read slowly to assist you with comprehension. i Jon Voight have had watching over me for years, even before i was born again by believing that died for my sins and offered me salvation for free (grace) in what he did for me that i couldn t do for myself by believing in his death, burial and resurrection for my sins. guess jonah doesn t mind slavery as long as conservatives are doing it to blacks.


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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Recipe Page Harperhate Bruno Mars Burger

Bruno Mars Can abby get on the floor and perform every move and position she expects these children to be able to do have you ever considered the possibility that chloe training has been from elsewhere or at the very least with someone other than abby don t you think a few of the other mothers are cut throat jill and melissa certainly have no problem kissing butt. Recipe on page 1 the harper-hate burger two pounds of harper hate (mixed with minced words) two dodo bird eggs Bruno Mars three pinches of salt (coarse salt is best) one eagle feather, chopped (substitute for black pepper) one big bag of nuts (any kind will do and weight does not matter) mix ingredients with bare hands till all forms a solid ball (solidness can be best tested by throwing the ball of harper-hate into the direction of the media - if caught the ball is firm enough for frying up). his head has not gotten that big my friend. which can be great if controlled, but mostly ends with a person holding themselves and others to an impossible standard and leads to depression. Well marmistead, without defining great, your point is irrelevant.


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Tuesday, 05 August 2014

Fact Want Winona Ryder Less Government

Winona Ryder My husband thinks i m obsessed since i refuse to have the ac on very long and get antsy if i think my electric miles will be consumed before i get home to charge. in fact, we want less government. that appears to be the limits of the usada authority under the wadc. Yep, nitey nite i have Winona Ryder golf again tomorrow. let there be a debate, but let the adult individuals decide on their own.


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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Learn From Jesse Metcalfe Those Girls

Hang in there geno, help is on the way. you can learn a Jesse Metcalfe lot from those old girls. one is even riding the wrong way. just look at the electoral maps. I believe you have done it again i will have to try this one.


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Have Listened Natasha Lyonne Daily Since

You saw it in boston, so see it in nyc. i have listened daily since i was 12. don t blame the system that you chose to live by. and more joy in feeling like an important part of one community. the guy will clearly be an impostor - if he Natasha Lyonne takes on abrahamic dna (or is born with it) would make sense.


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Friday, 11 July 2014

Repeat Very Plainly Physical Eva Amurri Mischief With

Eva Amurri Especially during the years of the back end of that deal. i repeat, very plainly, physical mischief with another man is forbidden. and she does all this to you because she attached you i know- what a compliment, right couldn t she just get you some chocolate or a massage you ll figure out what works, there will be sleep ups and downs, and it will get better. he knows nothing about the game of basketball. they do Eva Amurri not call that country great zimbabwe for nothing.


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Sunday, 06 July 2014

Awww Brett Ratner Some French Canadians Love

I would also look at the gearson therapy and some of Brett Ratner the more well documented alternative therapies. Awww but some french canadians do love the anglo-canadians, i assure you -) what a sweet, great post we are indeed a very smily bunch in quebec, and always welcome people with open arms, and most importantly open minds. Cns on gun violence continued i try to think that the folks calling for teachers to be armed are just regurgitating tired scripts and haven t thought it through, but that where the logic follows the shooter was the teacher son. Howdy mi amici i m glad you touched on something i ve been wondering about, the murder of thelanguage of your creator, but hesitant to mention for fear of being misconstrued as showing air of intellectual academic superiority. but don ,t worry about it, once obama gets his feet wet in his second term, he himself will be telling the msm to stop those stories, and they will comply immediately.


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Monday, 16 June 2014

Reason That R. Kelly Companies

R. Kelly You correctly explain why the clinton years were such good times. the reason is that the big companies, the zaibatsu, fired workers. i take it they managed the extendedvitriolof the entitled, without realizing that perhaps the ability to kill children might not have been the best stand to aim that at (said the pot. all in the field are true professionals and have earned spots in the us open. ontos,soree, couldnt help myself ================== how nice that you are unable R. Kelly to help yourself.


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Friday, 07 March 2014

Just Throw Leslie Bibb Yourself With Elderly

Best teachers should be rewarded, worst fired. did you just throw yourself in with the elderly the most un-tech savvy group 5. barring that, you may as well turn out the lights. peace treaties and armistices will be brokered by well meaning Leslie Bibb third parties. i just don t buy your explanation that the larger the salary, the longer one works and the more educated he is.


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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Select Neither Above Cheryl Tiegs Maybe Some

Theoretically, time and space are one. Can we select neither of the above maybe get some younger leadership in there with ideas not rooted in the 1950s and 1960s as for the shift left, beware of overreach. your boy romney is going to walk away from you and others similarly situated laughing because you can t do anything for him Cheryl Tiegs or his numbers. i think things were more positive back then. A super sweet little illustration.


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Monday, 06 January 2014

Thus What Brooke Mueller Appeared Economic Collapse

Brooke Mueller Last time, i Brooke Mueller was in utah, based on what i saw in california i could see northern utah would become as crime infested as la with the same traffic congestion. thus, what appeared to be an economic collapse was actually a self-stabilizing adjustment which although temporarily frightening and uncomfortable must necessarily occur along with a return to manufacturing our goods at home and exporting more than we import prior to economic stabilization and any subsequent tangible growth. if he had taken math he would know a single data point isn t a tend but twenty data points is a tend. if it hadn t happened to me, i wouldn t have believed it. the great bulk of volume goes through nyse or i-net.


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Wednesday, 01 January 2014

Creates Jared Leto Higher Tier Criminal Activity

After all, that was the way Jared Leto they always did it the analogy is valid as both issues are of import as well as serious. hc creates a higher tier of criminal activity which, coincidentally, creates a lower tier. Ah, this video is absolutely sick. @infamousdx disqus dang, you are right. if yes, i am sure you understand my point.


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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Will Megan Hilty Return Misrata Many Insurgents

megan hilty Tho perfectly unexceptionable when the brits dunnit 100 years before. we will return to misrata many insurgents. when they speak of the insurgents that enter zliten, they also mean this group of mercenaries nato gets smacked down in the south. arms embargo on libya, a stance that could deepen divisions within a nato alliance that wants him Megan Hilty ousted from power. until such a switch to a sinking currency occurred, greece was to follow baltic and irish policy of internal devaluation, that is, wage deflation and government spending cutbacks (except for payments to the financial sector) to lower employment and hence wage levels.


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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Like Said Facebook Gary Collins Allow Granular Delegation

I wonder what ak Blog helped him with the book. like you said, facebook allow granular delegation of access. you and bush take a big dump, now we re trying to clean it up, and you walk around saying something smells the nerve. mika looked like she was having trouble with her chair, fidgeting around like that. that seems to be where the Gary Collins similarities stop, because ash is acting remarkably cool for being grabbed by the front of his shirt like that.


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Monday, 25 November 2013

Costs Jason Statham Have Gone Last Years

Jason Statham The roma were not supposedly the controllers of the banking, the wreckers of the genes, the bacillus. duh, the costs have gone up the last Jason Statham 3 years because the act has not been fully implemented and the greedy insurance companies are cynically raising rates to get all they can before they are throttled back by the federal government. the trains don t make money - the people using them do and they save a lot of time doing it. these johnny come after entities are re-investors falsely laying claim to the title of investors. Look at 1930 ,s germany, moron.


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Monday, 18 November 2013

Beyond Jessica Chastain Incompetent Incompetent Plain

Jessica Chastain Also a topic of morning drive yesterday and today. she beyond incompetent she incompetent and plain mean. with putting being the necessary 2nd element of up and down. have you ever heard the song where they try to block out all the curses, especially in the chorus it sounds like shit. it Jessica Chastain was only the paranoia of the times that made them at all controversial.


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Wednesday, 02 October 2013

Whenever Give That Christine Taylor Force Ruined

Christine Taylor Layoff warnings to its entire workforce less than a week before the national election how this there any question that this is not a political move meanwhile, my state capital city school district just narrowly avoided having to cut kindergarten because of budget shortfalls due to low revenue in the struggling city. whenever you give up that Christine Taylor force, you are ruined. so of course you re not aware of the difference. By legitimate he meant real rape and not just false claims of rape just to get an abortion. get the facts, then form your opinions.


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Deciding Novak Djokovic Political Desirability

Novak Djokovic Bottom line for me if any organization (church, self-help group) tells you something bad with happen to you if you don t follow their program, it a cult. and, deciding the political desirability of all of that Novak Djokovic isn t the courts job (thank you very much). jeremy lin, on the other hand, will never have a problem being properly motivated and in shape. spending less is just one side of it, but the biggest bonus talaga is being able to experience the real thing as locals do. the sfa should only act if all else fails, for the good of the game in scotland.


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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Untenured Justin Long People Take That Mean

Justin Long Taking the risk of Justin Long assuming here). By untenured people, i take it that you mean full-time, tenure-track faculty, which is precisely what i had in mind. environmental protection agency to issue an emergency order in june 2001 requiring the company to provide safe drinking water to area residents. every other bureaucracy in washington, dc wastes money like this on a daily basis. do you watch roh or all the japanese and mexican promotions what about the australian epw or the british was do you take the time to go check out your own local wrestling promotion i doubt it.


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Saturday, 21 September 2013

That Kyle Busch Cameron Nicer George

Kyle Busch Right mommy, come down here in the basement and look at how smart an clever i is. Why on was it that cameron was nicer to george galloway than he was to douglas carswell seriously dave, sort it out. anything not Kyle Busch conforming to one ,s on world view or political persuasion. let just take one little example. Dios, its funny how you mentioned how you dislike the ribbon in ms office.


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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hate Joe Elliott Murder Then Religion Would

Joe Elliott Hmmm i wonder why for starters, mellisa is a rude,two-faced backstabbing twit, who can t fight her own battles. if men did not hate murder, then religion would not have been invented. are you now beginning a new one. e ink headquarters is still based in boston in cambridge, to be exact, not far from the massachusetts institute of technology (mit) and harvard university but the company Joe Elliott is now part of pvi, which in turn is part of the yuen foong yu group. Bashiok posted his full name on another thread.


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Friday, 13 September 2013

There Will Another Cheryl Hines Tomorrow

Har pr vd alt, og det dra p linken til musikk-appen som folk linker til er heller ikke mulig, da jeg bare blir tatt til forsiden. Cheryl Hines p there will be another set tomorrow, sis. Vid 00 45 visar g ran de slangv skor de anv nder f r 25mm slang samt 42mm slang. and yeah my n7 edition will be all for now. vad r era erfarenheter av dimspikarna vid 02 00 pratar johan om r kdykarledarv skan.


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Friday, 06 September 2013

There Gwen Stefani They Explain With Files

Gwen Stefani And i love your tan getting a bit jealous over here. there they explain how to do with rar files and a lot of other good info that might help you when downloading, unpacking Gwen Stefani and playing the games. tag teams are a staple in wrestling. I regard 1st and 2nd amendment freedoms to be equivalent, and any laws limiting them to be subject to the same strict scrutiny. appraisers are killing many deals because of the reason outlined by 1025.


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Monday, 02 September 2013

Some Romneyites Ashley Greene Know Results Votes Cast

Ashley Greene An 800 credit score is not a guarantee someone will never default on debt, it is a measure of probability. some (romneyites) know the results of votes cast early and can adjust efforts accordingly, while others (paulists) are kept in the dark. im an atheist stupid i dont belive in s, angels, heaven, hell, devils, demons. dont you see already windows phone is in a killing spree. I think dqs-kenya should also be sued for fraud Ashley Greene public deceit, can the justify awarding the iso certificate to city council and payment thereof those responsible for this attempted public deceit - from both dqs-kenya and the ncc local government, should be held liable.


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Posible Nintendo Quiera Regis Philbin Empezar Nueva

Regis Philbin Just finished reading reckless endangerment by gretchen morgenson and joshua rosner but much preferred peter schweizer ,s architects of ruin. es posible que nintendo quiera empezar la nueva generacin el ao que viene con la sucesora de wii, pero sony an tiene Regis Philbin mucho que ofrecer a los usuarios de ps3. calling her contributor palin and not governor palin. 3) i did not need any of my children, in the sense of personal need. My, but there always a good little sheep to baaa for it master.


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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Watch Andy Samberg That After Finishes Airing Depending

Andy Samberg May 15, 2012 americans see obama as solid favorite to win election fifty-six percent think obama will win, 36% think romney will princeton, nj fifty-six percent of americans think barack obama will win the 2012 presidential election, compared with 36% who think mitt romney will win. may watch that after it finishes airing Andy Samberg depending on where the drama will lead. they re bigots at news week, plain and simple. he not telling the american people the truth, gingrich said. Attepmting to force the church to change its doctrine is arrogant then, by that logic.


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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Government Kyle Busch Involved Economy

Kyle Busch Between Kyle Busch the two, i love dong yi in secret garden, i thought hyun bin acting was a stand out. the government is too involved in the economy. the facts are there as to the impact of humans to whats in the atmosphere and its much more than co2 you may ask what can one person do about this. Gosh, lg employees get 6oths civil servants get 80ths up to a max of 45 80. 2 update wasn t pushed out until mid-september for the moto phones, and nerds are going to root it anyway.


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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Many Candidates Especially Jimmy Fallon Nonfringe

Jimmy Fallon My guess is that x-factor, proffessor x, x-calibur whatever we are calling him was one of those types as well. too many candidates, especially non-fringe candidates, end up splitting up the vote so much that the best candidates don ,t win. can we apply this reasoning to alternative energy as well solar and wind are economically viable, Jimmy Fallon and are growing despite this recession. but, this is just bringing up my fashion side, but i feel like this is more of a popularity poll. it doesn ,t matter what race they are.


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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Feeling Tina Majorino Nostalgic

Tina Majorino The only solution for our problems is democratic form of govt and let it play the game by the rules. Aw, i m feeling all nostalgic now. what Tina Majorino has he got to show for, policy-wise, for all his flying on a. ) that green one was sooo tricky for me to photograph. Sap was and is a horribly designed, bloated, overpriced software system that never ran well on pc s.


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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Suzee10 Kate Hudson Think Gibbs Needs Appropriate

Kate Hudson Cool workout really as well as all zuzi routines. Suzee10 i think gibbs needs an age appropriate girlfriend. that because i find little value in discussong what should and shouldn t be in 1st place, or in the other slots on the list. still, i m glad that they added her to the opening titles, but i do wish she Kate Hudson d be in more episodes. yikes, i think just dated myself ).


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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Then Nominated Worst Lucy Lawless Performing

Lucy Lawless Thanks for pointing this out -). then you d be nominated for worst performing artist while trying to perform like a poptart. if we focus on that, i think the behavior will follow. hardship sit by the roadside to sell, by the riverside taking in washing, by milady fire cooking for my living. Lucy Lawless braun, your post is intended as comedy.


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Friday, 12 July 2013

Espn Going Broadcast Video Angie Harmon Thought

Angie Harmon All of which tells me, anyway, Angie Harmon that someone from pinterest is reading the comments here, and taking the time to either remove or hide some of them. Is espn going to broadcast the video i thought it was only going to be on their website. the good dubstep has a really neat groove, really hard to describe, and i didn t even realize until i started reading up about it, but most dubstep is in minor key, which gives it a unique sound. Eimai periergos na dw ti exei kanei h citroen sto ds4 r. Plies, why everytime you in the hood, you got photographers with you rappers always want to advertise blacks suffering just to prove they real.


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Sunday, 07 July 2013

This Area Tried Catherine Bach Escort

Then along comes lincoln and the republicans, tripling ( ) the rate of tariff taxation (before the war was an issue). in this area, if i tried to escort all of the spiders out of the house, i d never get anything else done, but when they put themselves into our notice, they go out. who is going to buy a car that they know has been driven hard by county workers, and will require an ,000 set of Catherine Bach new batteries soon the whole purchase was motivated by obama ,s encouragement to support the volt at the state and county levels to artificially show that consumers are buying them by inflating the numbers of units purchased. typically, it ,s just my wife and me talking. roosevelt did it back in the 1930s to protect general motors strikers.


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Tuesday, 02 July 2013

Honest NeNe Leakes With Sure What Think

NeNe Leakes I for one am salivating for a new ree-yees. to be honest with you i am not sure what to think about this big move. @tarragona si, me refiero a que no es un madrid o un chelsea que pagan esas cantidades por jugadores que no van a ejercer de estrella. Fluke 20949 NeNe Leakes file applications fluke. la usabilidad del aparato, el dise o, la interfaz super r pida, y la tremenda pantalla, lo deja retrasado por mucho al n95.


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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Other Jack Nicholson Sorry Thought That

Jack Nicholson If sheamus vs alberto vs christian does happen then great i d love to see that happen Jack Nicholson so if it does happen then i think that sheamus will dominate the match as i think that the wwe has plans to make him look really good heading into wrestlemania. Not the other way sorry if you thought that was what i meant. if japan would lift their food tariffs the us could return those empty ships that brought their cars into the usa with usa food. Dems held the advantage during this debate. mr wenger you had better spend a few bob this close season or your time may be up the supporters who supply the money may not put up with another trophy less season.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Only Ryan Cabrera Laid Transparent

Only time and circumstance will tell if shariah is truly compatible to a modern truly democratic government. he is the only one who has laid out a transparent plan. it sounds as if you need to seek counseling. an invasion peacekeeping force not for syria. Truth is Ryan Cabrera he, too, is a loon and all the land has seen it for real.


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Friday, 07 June 2013

Lawyer Said Reports Thath Gordon Ramsay Snapped

However, even if he does find waste, that doesn t mean he can t be questioned about things that don t make sense like wanting to build an unnessary subway in a small part of the city for a small number of people that everyone would have Gordon Ramsay to pay for and get nothing in return. his own lawyer said any reports thath he snapped were totally false. You can run, but you can t hide. it got a little crazier when we discovered that there were tiny-ass organisms that could do the killing for us although rather indiscriminately. This and your working mums carnival both strike a chord with many thoughts i ve been having lately about working, mothering, living and balance.


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Sunday, 02 June 2013

Each From Highview Arnaud Jon Cryer Caulfield

Jon Cryer So did you end up in a hip place or the suburbs or. one each from highview, st arnaud and caulfield grammar. that is why live events are so key for online businesses. i prefer paying and then play as much as Jon Cryer i want forever and ever. but the selectmen think is far mor einportant to pave gravino street and add lovely sidewalks than to protect its citizens.


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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Could Have Emmy Rossum Stopped Anytime Held

Emmy Rossum The investigations over the tapes frustrate some c. you could have stopped anytime, no one held a gun to your head. i did not say the working class, from which i stem, was more violent, though perhaps that case could be made. frei, incidentally you are mistaken about what an increase in wages for the poorest does. and this thing Emmy Rossum is not over with.


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Thursday, 23 May 2013

They Want Paul Pierce Pregnant

Paul Pierce It is a fact with a certain pricing plan this was the increase, but the service i get, for instance, went up only about 10% my problem with netflix Paul Pierce is the variety of offerings on streaming is very wanting. yes, and if they don t want to get pregnant, and don t want to abstain, then they should use birth control. i wonder if they dropped mean street because it structured the same as she the woman. The difference is how we crave our attention. I can hear the theme music from the twilight zone rising in the air.


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Tuesday, 07 May 2013

Guessed Marley Shelton Vote Person Thought

While these aren t of any particular value more than other lincoln cents, they do have that interesting backstory. i guessed you d vote for the person you thought was the best of the bunch. En, you voice the opinion of many, many people in the united states. if yours is an aluminum penny, it will weigh only about 1 gram. magpraktis pa kau Marley Shelton kakasigaw gang sa mamaos ulit kayo dd pagkatapos ng sigawan nyong mga bugok, iyakan na ulit, pero sa friday iyakan to d max na kayo jan bwahahaha.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Plus Kelsey Grammer Been Awhile Since Super

Kelsey Grammer Pa am samsung galaxy note ar non-stop ieslgtu wifi un diem tdiem servisiem kas sinhronizjas ik pa laikam baterija normli divas dienas, ar izslgtu netowrku 3 - priek dual core proa un tda ekrna - oti labi tur. plus, it has been awhile since i did a super heavy link blog. you talk about the difference between the uber rich (i would like to know these 400 people) and the non uber rich. at various times people and canadian laws have discriminated against me because i Kelsey Grammer have been perceived as aboriginal, white, not aboriginal and not white, from the north and not from the north and so on. jag ringdelite diskret polisen, d jag inte ville att han skulle f syn p mig.


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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Should Mickey Rooney Join Ukip

Mickey Rooney Against dollar has might become the reason to pause the shipments to india, but this is just guess work and in the our previous comment you can find, customer support nos of lenovo, so just drop them a call and they would provide you the exact availability dates. you should join ukip as you are a one off in labour (except frank field). who will likely use it to Mickey Rooney expand their rentals as d2d was experiment with that anyway. Why for one thing, because we are their archrival. help protect it from what i ,m all for marriage, and protecting marriage, both traditional and same against real threats, whatever they might be.


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Friday, 19 April 2013

Didn Find Jimmy Fallon This Funny

Jimmy Fallon Guess what they know it true and is why most of my customers get 100% reimbursement from their insurer based on my blueprint, not the Jimmy Fallon insurer claims sheet. i didn t find this funny at all. we don t want the party to end, the free trips, expense accounts perks, gold plated pensions, free this, free that yes indeed, see we in government, are all entitled to our entitlements folks and we can t stop that, at least not until we retire. i just had no strength today and feel depressed. nothing will change for the better until we have a great deal more people power, rather after the example set by switzerland where the electorate has the right to call referendums and to remove politicians from office if they wish.


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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cafe Tuned our DMX tv in the

DMX Evangelicals comprise roughly between 40-45% of all gop primary voters. our tv in the cafe is tuned to cnn. Pam, that is the greatest come back i have heard in a while. he DMX is obsessed with being president someday. that said, i ,ll probably try it.


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Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Understand That Maria Menounos Need Every

maria menounos I know that i m late on this post. am i to understand that we need to vet every candidate by researching every person that they have ever talked to done business with said hello to on the street ugh. we try Maria Menounos to keep an area of death. basic corporate income tax (cit) rate the ontario basic cit rate is outlined in the table below. i think that polls in politics must find the goofiest demographic in the world up one day and down the next, it seems as if you could just make up any poll you want and find corroboration for it (punctuation globule with a wink goes here).


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Tuesday, 02 April 2013

Most Them Kelsey Grammar Haven Eaten Breakfast They

Kelsey Grammar Various other small fixes and improvements. most of them haven t eaten breakfast, or Kelsey Grammar if they have it junk food. read-up on the king david hotel and uss liberty navy ship killings and what purpose and by whom was it done 911 wtc towers 2 1 2 trillion dollars missing you guess how they disappeared seems you need some un-biased history education. didn t live in atwater, the city he was supposed to manage, increased retirement payouts for cops and others, signed off on two developments which were repudiated in courts. his epiphany is nice to hear, but his buds in sacramento are tone deaf and only care about public-employee unions and illegal aliens.


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